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Just One Cut … Just One Vote

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I submitted a flash fiction piece to the Pixelhose Fiction Writing Contest, and it is now up for the public vote! I would really appreciate if you could pop over to read it — it’s only 250 words long! If you like it, click the “Like” button, leave a comment, and/or share it via your favourite social media network. Thank you! :)

Click here to read Just One Cut.


14 Responses to “Just One Cut … Just One Vote”

  1. DL Hammons says:

    Too cool! I went over to “Like” it, but wasn’t allowed to vote because I wasn’t a registered WordPress user. :( I did enjoy it though! And I did receive your email (and FB message) about your good fortune, so I’ll have my wife pull your sample from WRiTE CLUB consideration. Their gain is our loss!

    Again, Kudo’s!

    • J.C. Martin says:

      I know, not being able to “Like” sucks. :( Sorry for the repeat message. My e-mail system must’ve sent the email once it was back online. Thanks for understanding, and roll on round 8!

  2. Will pop over there to read and click on the like button.

  3. Misha says:

    Ooh I’m going to check it out now. Good luck!

  4. sue says:

    I voted and commented – oh J.C. – so twisted – you are the master at the unexpected ending – was there a theme or topic? Brava

    • J.C. Martin says:

      No, we didn’t have to write to a theme or topic. It was just something I thought up that I could write in a short space of time — with my editing deadline, no time for anything longer than flash fiction at the moment!

  5. Len Lambert says:

    Hi JC. I have the same problem. This is a great piece…but can’t vote as I am not a member of WordPress.

    • J.C. Martin says:

      Thanks for trying, Len. I *think* leaving a comment counts as a vote as well. I’m not sure…the website doesn’t make it terribly clear! :-/

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