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Weekly Round-Up

Weekly Round-Up

Yee-haw! Welcome to the Weekly Round-up, where I lasso up the week’s latest news and rootin’-tootin’ literary articles on the Net!

First off, a couple of releases from my fellow writers:

Clockwise by Elle Strauss

CLOCKWISEElle Strauss’s YA time travel novel Clockwise has a new cover! Isn’t it purty? Here’s the intriguing blurb:

Casey Donovan has issues: hair, height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century! And now this –she’s accidentally taken Nate Mackenzie, the cutest boy in the school, back in time. Awkward.

Protocol pressures her to tell their 1860 hosts that he is her brother and when Casey finds she has a handsome, wealthy (and unwanted) suitor, something changes in Nate. Are those romantic sparks or is it just “brotherly” protectiveness?

When they return to the present, things go back to the way they were before: Casey parked on the bottom of the rung of the social ladder and Nate perched high on the very the top. Except this time her heart is broken. Plus, her best friend is mad, her parents are split up, and her younger brother gets escorted home by the police. The only thing that could make life worse is if, by some strange twist of fate, she took Nate back to the past again.

Which of course, she does.

You can purchase the book for your Kindle here, and find out more from Elle’s blog.

Shadowborn by Jocelyn Adams

SHADOWBORNToday is also cover reveal day for fellow J. Taylor Publishing author Jocelyn Adams’s second Lila Gray novel, Shadowborn. Isn’t it spooky? The blurb:

Why me?

That’s the question Lila Gray asks every time yet another bad guy tries to destroy the earth, and she learns she’s the only one who can stop it. Once again, something’s on the prowl, leaving hundreds of comatose, souless victims in its wake.

Couldn’t the deadliest assassins of the Otherworld go after someone else instead of the brand new Queen of the Seelie? One who still hasn’t adapted to her new role.

Lila would ask Liam Kane, King of the Unseelie, for advice, but something’s off with him, too. He’s holding back. In some way. About some thing. In fact, he refuses to tell her what’s going on.

The truth holds Lila back from the greatness of her role—the people she was born to lead—the man who she desperately loves—and the solution to the latest war raging around her.

To find the answers, she’ll need to fight through her own darkness and embark on a journey through her psyche.

If she doesn’t succeed, the Shadowborn will claim not only her world, but her soul.

For more information and the latest news about Shadowborn, visit J. Taylor Publishing, or Jocelyn Adams’s website.

Other news

In other book news, South Korean novelist Kyung-Sook Chin becomes the first woman–and the first South Korean–to win the prestigious Man Asian Literary Prize for her novel, Please Look After Mom. (via The Bookseller)

From FutureBook, Encyclopaedia Britannica have announced they will go completely digital, and cease production of its 32-volume encyclopaedia collection. What do you think of the end of this 244-year-old era?

Also from FutureBook, more debate around the importance of publishers in the digital age. According to author Mark Edwards, writers still need them to make books better. On a similar topic, how do you reward the author? Roz Morris @ Nail Your Novel wonders why authors get treated so badly.

 Question: What are your thoughts on Encyclopaedia Britannica’s decision to halt production of its printed volumes?


6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I’d heard about the discontinuation of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. I wonder what libraries will do now?

  2. Elle Strauss says:

    Thanks for the shout out, J.C.!

  3. HI, J.C.,
    I’m liking both covers. They’re nicely done.

  4. The nostalgic part of me doesn’t like the idea of the Encyclopedias going online only, but the realistic side of me can see why they’re doing it. I guess nobody wants to update hard copies annually at great expense when it’s cheaper to buy an online edition that’s constantly being updated.

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