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Festival of Writing 2012

York University

York University campus. Pretty, isn’t it?

I was in York September 7th to 9th for the Festival of Writing organised by the Writers’ Workshop. I attended last year, where I met some wonderful people, picked up some excellent writing tips, and connected with some agents and publishers, so I was looking forward to this year.

And I was not disappointed. :)

I went to numerous workshops, some dealing with the industry, and others on the craft of writing. For this week, I’ll be posting highlights from some of the more interesting ones I’ve been to, starting with Building an Author Platform by Nicola Morgan tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

Highlights from the Festival

  • ¬†Finally¬†meeting fellow writer/blogger and bump buddy Talli Roland in person! We chatted about writing, blogging, and babies! Talli did a fantastic talk discussing self-publishing versus traditional publishing, the notes from which I will be posting on Thursday
  • Meeting a delegate who commented that when discussing current reads with a close friend, the friend revealed he was reading … Oracle! :D She ended up getting a signed copy so that she could gift it to him!
  • Getting useful constructive feedback for my first draft of Labyrinth, and encouraging interest from an agent!
  • The Gala Dinner! Great food, great company! I LOVED the dessert: orange caramel bread and butter pudding! One delegate was so impressed by it she asked the chef for the recipe!
  • Listening to the hugely talented writers reading excerpts from their widely varied works on Friday Night Live! Their works ranged from literary to historical, action to drama, military to mythology!
  • Catching up with writer friends and meeting new ones; now I’ve got plenty of new Twitter accounts and blogs to follow! :)

I would like to thank the wonderful organisers for another wildly successful and enjoyable Festival, especially Harry Bingham for graciously allowing me to flog some signed copies of Oracle at the event! Hopefully the information I gathered from the weekend will be of use to you guys as I share them with you throughout this week!

Have YOU ever attended a writers’ conference? What is your favourite thing about attending a writers’ conference?


15 Responses to “Festival of Writing 2012”

  1. Duncan says:

    I’ve not attended a writers conference but I have been to many other conferences on different topics. There’s nothing like mingling with like-minded people!

    • J.C. Martin says:

      Very true. The first sign that medical research was not for me was when I attended a couple of research conferences and was bored out of my head! Writers’ conferences are so much more interesting for me!

  2. Wow, how cool! I would love to meet Talli and you someday. Can’t wait to read your new book either.

  3. Sounds like a great time. And you got to meet Talli! I’ll be back tomorrow for sure.

    • J.C. Martin says:

      It was awesome! Though there were so many great workshops available, quite often there are more than one going at the same time I’d like to attend!

  4. What a beautiful location for a writers’ festival! I’ve been to one and the thing I enjoyed the most was being surrounded by others who love writing and reading as much as me. Looking forward to the rest of your posts about what you learnt.

    • J.C. Martin says:

      It’s a gorgeous campus! Kinda made me wish I’d chosen a similar university rather than a bust, crowded city campus in London! It was awesome to meet so many other like-minded people in various stages of their writing career!

  5. sue says:

    well if we get to London again we’ll meet but no never been to a writers conference. I have been to York though …

    • J.C. Martin says:

      It’s a lovely place, isn’t it, with the old city walls and cathedral? Next time I go I might have to stay on a couple of days before or after the Festival to visit the city a bit more.

      And yes, come on over to London! :D

  6. Angela Brown says:

    I’m so glad you got a chance to meet up with Talli. I can’t wait to read the notes you have to share…especially considering my own little foray into the self-pubbing realm.

    And it sounds like you had a generally good time all around. I think that was wonderful to do a signed copy as you did. Too wonderful :-)

    • J.C. Martin says:

      Yes, hearing about someone I never met reading my book made my day! For the notes from the workshop on self-pubbing, check back here Thursday!

  7. Talli Roland says:

    Whoop whoop! It was so nice to finally meet you – and to get my signed copy of ‘Oracle’! I cannot wait to read it. And as I’ve said, it was lovely to see your friendly face in my presentation. Made me feel a little less nervous!

    • J.C. Martin says:

      You did a fantastic job at your talk, and presented some really balanced arguments! As with all conferences, it was a matter of not having enough time to speak to everyone for as long as you’d like. Looking forward to meeting again! And I do hope you enjoy ORACLE!

  8. Nicole says:

    Sounds like a great experience!

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