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Writer Wednesday: Interview with Theresa Milstein

Writer WednesdayIt’s been a while since I had a Writer Wednesday interview, so here’s one today! :)

Theresa Milstein
Theresa Milstein

Theresa Milstein

Theresa is a YA/middle grade writer whose short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies. Her latest story, One Moment, is featured in the From Stage Door Shadows anthology from eMergent Publishing.

Contact: Blog | Facebook | Goodreads

Go on, hook us: tell us about My Moment in one sentence.

In the future, girls must compete in beauty pageants to snag husbands and if they fail, the alternatives are anything but pretty.

Do you have a ritual for getting into the writing zone?

On an ideal day, I’ll check e-mail and Facebook before writing and drinking coffee.  But that doesn’t happen very often. I’ll squeeze in about 20 minutes during lunch.  Between working and bringing the kids to their after school activities, I can’t afford to have a ritual!

Sum up your current work-in-progress in one sentence.

Four sisters discover they’re connected to a prophecy where their best chance of survival is to stay together, if being together doesn’t kill them first.

What kind of characters do you most enjoy writing?

Whether it’s middle grade, young adult, or adult, I like to write a protagonist who’s discovering her place in the world. At first, she attempts to break free of her family, her past. But during her journey, she learns that she gains more by understanding than cutting ties.

What is one thing that your readers may be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve shared so much on my blog, so I don’t know if anything is a secret.  I love blush.  My favorite blush brand is MAC.  Since my sister is a make up artist, she can help me with my obsession add to my collection.


Plotter or pantser? Thoughtful panster

Early bird or night owl?  Work and children have forced me to be an early bird

Chocolate: dark, milk or white? White!

Favourite author? JK Rowling

Biggest vice?

A glass of red wine each night

Thank you for visiting, Theresa! And here’s a bit more information about From Stage Door :

From Stage Door Shadows
From Stage Door Shadows

From Stage Door Shadows

Twenty-six authors trade Tiny Dancer’s California-blessed lyrics for the shadowed recesses of stages large and small in From Stage Door Shadows, a speculative fiction homage to the darkness just beyond the limelight of the entertainment industry.

The stories re-introduce the women Bernie Taupin wrote about and Elton John sang about: blue jean baby, LA lady, the band’s seamstress, the music man’s wife and the girl dancing in the sand, along with a stellar cast of musicians, singers, thespians, fans, managers, dancers, DJs, magicians, talent show contestants, stars and has-beens.

From vaudeville to opera, piano bar and street corner, hotel suite and beauty pageant, From Stage Door Shadows is a backstage pass to where dreams of fame, fortune and fulfillment live and die in a heartbeat.

Purchase Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository | eMergent Publishing

Don’t forget, I’m more than happy to host fellow writers for interviews on my blog every Wednesday, so if you would like to feature, all you have to do is let me know! :)


49 Responses to “Writer Wednesday: Interview with Theresa Milstein”

  1. Angela Brown says:

    Great to learn more about Theresa. Thanks for sharing and enjoyed the interview, J.C. :-)

  2. Thanks for hosting me, JC! I’m going to set up a link on my blog now.

  3. Interesting premise for your short story! And it’s great that you can get up early and write. Even if I have an entire day set aside for writing, I can’t do anything but read blogs and play on FB/Twitter in the morning. It is not a productive writing time for me!

  4. Loved learning more abut you Theresa. I’m like you in that I’ve got to squeeze my writing in. Thankfully I have been getting a bit more time lately.
    Love the idea of your novel and your short story. Congrats on being published again.

  5. Sheri Larsen says:

    I love the premise of One Moment, Theresa. Fabulous! It’s great to get to know you better.

  6. deniz says:

    Great interview! Heck, I wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine…
    Funny about the MAC thing – have you been getting lots of makeup-related blog spam the past couple of weeks, too? It’s funny how spam has trends.

  7. Old Kitty says:

    I read Theresa’s story and absolutely loved it!! I’ve also had the pleasure to read her other lovely short stories published in other anthologies and they are just as beautifully written!

    Now is white chocolate really chocolate??! LOL! Take care

    • Old Kitty, thank you for reading my story! And what a nice compliment.

      No, white chocolate isn’t chocolate. I’m a vanilla girl! I do like Lindt chocolate truffles — even the actual chocolate ones.

  8. Libby says:

    I can support a love of white chocolate and red wine. :)

  9. Jai Joshi says:

    I did not know about the blush so it looks like you can still surprise me. At first I thought you were maybe talking about a band or something. Haha, then I realised you meant make-up. I like my rose colour blush from Mahya. It’s a mineral makeup brand and I love them.


  10. Shelly says:

    You’ve got me hooked! And I Love MAC!

  11. nutschell says:

    Wohoo! Oh yeah, a fellow Harry Potter fan! Glad to see you here, Theresa. I like that you’re a thoughtful pantser.:D


  12. Did you read J.K.’s latest book, “A Casual Vacancy?” It’s getting panned by reviewers on Amazon. More one star reviews than anything else last time I checked. Still doesn’t stop her from being a best seller. Name recognition is all that matters.

    The reason I’m asking is that J.K. appears to have changed as a writer. So you may want to revise that your favorite writer is J.K. UNLESS of course you also love her latest work. I think what you really mean is you love Harry Potter, and that episode of her life appears to be over with a loud “KA-BOOOOM”.

    • Michael, the last time I checked, most of her reviews seemed to imply that it wasn’t good because it wasn’t Harry Potter. I just ordered the book, so I’ll make the decision myself. Rowling is good at making locations come to life, creating offbeat characters, and delving into what’s ugly about people. If her adult book has any of the above, I won’t care that it’s not Harry Potter. There are many authors I admire, but I don’t love all their books. To me, that series is so perfect, she’ll always be one of my favorites.

  13. Congratulations to Theresa for publishing another story! The idea of finding a husband through beauty pageants sounds interesting, especially because beauty pageants continue to be popular (and you know the men in the audiences aren’t just there to learn more about the contestants’ views on world peace).

  14. Competing in pageants? If only that were real!
    Just kidding.
    And I read three glowing reviews for JK’s latest book just last week. Sorry, don’t remember which bloggers though…

  15. I love the description of your protagonists finding their way in the world – mine are often in those situations too.

  16. Lynda Young says:

    If you ever come to Oz for a visit we can share a glass of quality red together :)
    Great interview!

  17. Fun interview! And good reminder to me that somehow Theresa’s blog dropped off my reading list! I must come back and visit! :)

  18. I just sent myself an email reminding me again to buy this book. I can’t wait to read your story Theresa!!!!

    • Sharon, that’s so nice of you! I started reading the anthology, and I’ve been blown away by the quality of the stories. Amazing how differently writers took the prompt to look at the dark side of show business.

  19. I love that hook! Thanks for the cool interview!

  20. Karen Lange says:

    Great interview, ladies! It’s nice to get to know Theresa better. Her WIP sounds interesting. :)

  21. I love that part about characters discovering it’s more rewarding to stay connected than breaking ties.

    And only one glass of wine??? that’s hardly a vice! (me and my bags of dove chocolates….)

  22. Jemi Fraser says:

    yay for Theresa!!! :) I love the storyline of the new WIP too!! :)

  23. Lydia Kang says:

    Theresa, your book ideas are so great! I’d read them in a heartbeat.

  24. Kittie Howard says:

    Congrats, Theresa. I’ve been a fan of your writing since Day One!

  25. Nice interview! It’s great to learn more about Theresa and One Moment sounds very intriguing.

    Congrats, Theresa! And thanks for sharing, JC!

  26. Nicole says:

    Great interview and really interesting premise for the book! Thanks to both of you.

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